In May 2023, the Department of Analysis has been amalgamated into the Department of Differential Equations. The name of the new department is Department of Analysis and Operations Research. These pages contain pieces of information regarding the earlier department. 

The Department of Analysis teach analysis courses to the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Informatics, to the Faculty of Chemical Technology and Biotechnology and to the Faculty of Natural Sciences.

The department do research on different fields of continuous mathematics.

Main fields are: mathematics of quantum mechanics (differential geometry of the state space, quantum information theory, random matrices, Schrödinger operators, spectral theory, inverse scattering in quantum mechanics), functional analysis (operator theory, operator algebras, operator semi-groups), partial differential equations and numerical analysis, Fourier analysis and approximation theory (increasing properties of multivariate polynomials, potential theory, Hermite-Fejér interpolation), linear systems and mathematical chemistry (reaction kinetics).

We manage three seminars: analysis, applied analysis, formal reaction kinetics and Mathematica.