A Spatiotemporal Model of GPCR-G protein Interactions

2023. 11. 14. 17:15
Polly Yu

Polly Yu (Harvard): A Spatiotemporal Model of GPCR-G protein Interactions 

G-protein coupled receptors (GPCRs) are a class of transmembrane receptors important to many signaling pathways and a common drug target. As its name suggests, the receptor, once activated, binds to a G-protein. Recent experiments suggest that GPCRs form dense tiny clusters. What are the effects of these "hotspots" on signaling kinetics? I will introduce one possible spatiotemporal model for GPCR-G protein interactions, and present some numerical evidence for how these clusters might locally increase signaling speed. 

Zoom link is available from the organizer of the seminar. Please contact János Tóth at jtoth(at)math.bme.hu.