Exogenous population-level control of gene regulatory networks

2023. 10. 03. 17:15
Vághy Mihály (PPKE)

Vághy Mihály, Szederkényi Gábor (PPKE): Exogenous population-level control of gene regulatory networks

Abstract: The exogenous control of gene regulatory networks is investigated through the semi-discretized partial integro-differential equation (PIDE) describing the time evolution of the network's probability density function. This PIDE can be discretized using a finite volume method to yield a mass-conservative linear compartmental/kinetic model. The compartmental structure is strongly connected, thus there exists a unique globally (w.r.t. initial data summing to one) asymptotically stable equilibrium. We explore the possibility of shifting certain statistical measures (e. g. expected value) of the stationary probability density function using exogenous control. We demonstrate how our results and observations can be used to control the classical genetic toggle switch and estimate its reachability set.

Zoom link is available from the organizer of the seminar. Please contact János Tóth at jtoth(at)math.bme.hu.