Multistationarity of mass action networks with one-dimensional stoichiometric subspace

2022. 11. 08. 17:15
Google Meet
Casian Pantea (West Virginia University)

We characterize completely the capacity for (nondegenerate) multistationarity of mass action reaction networks with one-dimensional stoichiometric subspace in terms of reaction structure. Specifically, we show that networks with two or more source complexes have the capacity for multistationarity if and only if they have both patterns (→,←) and (←,→) in some 1D projections. Moreover, we specify the classes of networks for which only degenerate multiple steady states may occur. In particular, we characterize the capacity for nondegenerate multistationarity of small networks composed of one irreversible and one reversible reaction, or two reversible reactions. This is joint work with Galyna Voitiuk.

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