Complex-balanced systems in disguise

2022. 05. 03. 16:00
Google Meet
Polly Yu (Harvard)

It is well known that for a mass-action system to be complex-balanced, there are conditions on the network (weak reversibility) and rate constants (the number of which depends on deficiency). At the same time, the same dynamics may be realized using a different network structure or a different set of rate constants. Hence some mass-action systems may be complex-balanced in disguise; such systems are said to be "dynamically equivalent to complex-balanced" or "disguised toric". At first, dynamical equivalence seems to provide much freedom to choose our network; most of that freedom is only in appearance and not real. In this talk, I will introduce the notion of dynamical equivalence, convince you of the advantages of seeing a reaction network geometrically, and look at several families of disguised toric systems that are completely characterized by their disguised toric properties. 

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