Analyzing Steady States of Mass Action Systems through Network Splitting

2022. 03. 22. 16:00
Google Meet
Matthew Johnston (Lawrence Technological University)

The process of network translation corresponds a mass action system to a generalized mass action system with equivalent dynamics. Recent research has shown that, when the generalized chemical reaction network underlying the second network has desirable structure, such as weak reversibility and low deficiency, then we may use the network to establish properties of the steady-state set and to explicitly construct a steady-state parametrization. In this talk, I will extend this theory by introducing the method of "splitting" networks. In a split network, we allow the original network to be partitioned into subnetworks, called "slices", while imposing that the union of the subnetworks preserves the stoichiometry of the original network. I show that this process expands the scope of mass action systems whose steady states can be characterized by the method of network translation.