Persistence and stability of kinetic compartmental models with bounded capacities

2022. 01. 11. 16:00
Google Meet
Gábor Szederkényi (Budapest, Pázmány Péter Catholic Univ.)

In this contribution, we show that the dynamics of a class of kinetic compartmental models with bounded capacities, monotone reaction rates, and a strongly connected interconnection structure are persistent. The result is based on the chemical reaction network (CRN) and the corresponding Petri net representation of the system. For the persistence analysis, it is shown that all siphons in the Petri net of the studied model class can be characterized efficiently. Additionally, the existence and stability of equilibria are also analyzed building on the persistence and the theory of general compartmental systems. The obtained results can be applied in the analysis of kinetic models based on the simple exclusion principle such as ribosome flow models or spatially discretized flow models.

In this semester 11th January, 16 o'clock (CET) will be the date of our first seminar on Formal Reaction Kinetics and Related Problems. We start with the online form, later we hope to turn to the hybrid form.
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